New Features from Aurion’s Continuous Improvement Strategy

Our newest software release includes a myriad of changes to make payroll admin easier in Aurion, and time-saving automation for contractor management.

The release today of Aurion update 11.71 (log in for access) includes new features from our continuous improvement strategy, such as APIs that enable administrators and managers to manage employees not on the payroll (such as contractors and volunteers). There’s a helpful new function for your employees in Self Service, and an automated ‘no Tax File Number’ setting to help avoid the risk of making an incorrect tax payment.

Prevent data entry error in Self-Service To help prevent users getting confused as to which field entry format they need to use in a Self Service claim form and entering incorrect data, selecting a Time Code now requires hours to be entered, and selecting an Allowance Code requires units to be entered.

Mandatory field selection in Self Service forms

Mandatory field selection in Self Service forms

Ensure ‘no TFN’ is ‘no worries’ Payroll administrators can now set an option (Overnight Processor) to automatically remove the generic Tax File Number and set the Tax Indicator to ‘No Tax File Number’ if an employee still hasn’t provided their Tax File Number after the 28-day grace period has passed.

This means payroll administrators can ensure new starters are automatically taxed at the ‘No TFN’ rate until their TFN is provided. The benefit here means payroll administrators will no longer need to set a reminder or run a report to check these details and manually update employee data, and also avoid the risk of making an incorrect tax payment.

Manage your non-payroll employees in Aurion New APIs have been released to enable custom Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions to be created so administrators and managers can manage employees not on the payroll, e.g. contractors and volunteers, via Self Service Forms Workflow or bulk updated in Core via import files.

Please contact your Client Advocate if you’d like to discuss the capabilities available with the new “EMP_UPD_NONPAY” and “EMP_RENUMBER” APIs.

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