On The Roadmap With Our User Community

Aurion invited our user community to review our service and software enhancements from 2020 and take a peek at what’s in store for them in 2021.


At our National Community Event on Thursday 3 December, more than 150 Aurion users from around Australia logged in to join a suite of senior Aurion team members presenting an exciting overview of Aurion’s recent enhancements and what’s on the roadmap for a better Aurion in 2021.

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Joy Richardson, Aurion’s General Manager – Client Engagement, looked at 2020 in review, covering 10 months of Aurion milestones and some of the hilarious absurdities of life under lockdown!

Derek Walsh, our General Manager – Software Operations, discussed the new release strategy and an upgrade to version 10 of the Uniface development platform, and features being released throughout 2021 for the Aurion Cloud Portal.

Jason Mackie, Product Owner – Payroll, walked us through the highlights of recent Aurion software releases, new automation for Aurion’s payroll solution and upgrades to Aurion Self Service usability.

A year of service improvement It was over to Aurion Client Advocates Jen Savage, Jacqui Birch, John Lester and Taryn Tillotson, to talk about Aurion’s recent industry awards, the User Guides available for holiday pay runs, managing JobKeeper, and authentication and single sign-on (SSO).

They also gave an update for Aurion’s outsourced payroll services, including new automation for trial pay, pay run and end-of-month (EOM), and integration with Tanda time and attendance software.

The National Community Event closed with a sneak peek at the new quarterly software releases in 2021 and the calendar of webinars, surveys and community events planned through the year, followed by a Q&A with the assembled Aurion brains trust.

Optimise your Aurion solution We design our events to give you as much practical advice as possible. Nearly a hundred Aurion users learnt how to take full advantage of the powerful new features in Aurion Recruitment at our Recruitment webinar on Tuesday 24 November– if you missed it, you can catch it on-demand.

There are seismic changes in the Australian Payroll & HR landscape (STP Phase 2 is nearly upon us ), so stay up to date on what’s happening here at Aurion and around the country by following us on LinkedIn.