The only New Years Resolution List you’ll ever need

Read this. Print it out. Tick off as you go.

It’s almost 2019 (I know, scary right). Here’s hoping the last 11 months have been good for your business. But, if we’re honest with one another, there are always things that could have been done better. 

You have to make mistakes to know how to learn from them. There’s a difference between a good mistake and a bad one. And if this was a year about learning for you, then 2019 is all about growth.

Now that we’re in November, it’s a good time to reflect on your business’s progress over the past year and plan how you want your business to develop. Do you want increased success in the coming year or more chances to enjoy the success you’ve achieved? These top New Year’s resolutions are designed to help you do both: strike a better work-life balance and increase your business success in the new year. We’re getting in early because we’ve got the definitive list of everything you need to do to be on stop and stay there.

#1 Out With The Old, In With The New

Not every product flies off the shelf, not all of your sales methods are working, not all of your contractors are as cost effective as can be. Whether it’s something you sell, the way you sell it, or companies you collaborate with – if it’s not working then it must go. The fat needs to be well and truly trimmed. There’s no use investing energy into smoothing over cracks. Cut your losses. Something better will come around.

#2 Get A New One. The Old One Sucks

Is there equipment in your office hindering your day-day progress? Whether it’s an old printer, slow internet or the need for a new team member to lighten the load – stop putting off making some changes. There’s nothing better than things just working.

#3 Set Achievable Goals

This isn’t the first post you’re going to read telling you to set goals. Nor will it be the last. And there’s a reason for that. It’s a valuable habit if the goals lead to success rather than distress. Unrealistic pipe dreams just lead to frustration, resolve goals you know you can achieve to maintain a great sense of self.

#4 Plan Out Some ‘Me’ Time

On either the last day of your working year or day one of 2019, open your calendar and block out some time for yourself. It’s important to take time and refresh yourself; an actionable and achievable work-life balance is important for your small business’s success. All work and no play is the perfect recipe for a burnout both physically and mentally. Thus, once you have time at the beginning of the year it’s vital you block out space for your you and only you. It doesn’t mean a vacation either, just time away on the couch or with your family every so often to keep those batteries charged and give you that all-important perspective. If you won’t invest in yourself then no one will.

#5 Be A Leader

All around in your community, there are organisations making a difference. Those who give back get back in spades. Nothing sews more good karma seeds than giving back to your community. It needn’t be a financial contribution either if it’s not affordable. Make one of your top 2019 resolutions to find a cause that matters to you and give what you can. Serve on a committee, mentor, volunteer or make feasible donations. The karma is great, the PR just as good!

#6 Make Like A Tree – Branch Out

Talking to other business owners is perfect for sparking new ideas, discussing older ones and making contacts. Whether it’s an evening or an event specifically designed for connection, an internet hangout, or even drinks at the bar in your building downstairs with other business owners – don’t miss out on the chance to share your ideas and share ideas from others. It’s always remarkable how small business owners, despite operating in very different industries, all at one point or another share similar problems.

#7 Go Back To School

If you’re not learning something new then you’re not doing it right. What you choose to learn needn’t be related directly at all to your business either. Learning something new will add to your skills and add a new dimension of interest to your life—another important part of achieving a healthy work-life balance and increasing your business success. There are online courses, business consultants and business coaches out there who can set you on a new path with new skills. Right now you may be asking “where do I have the time to take an online course, or attend a workshop?”, the answer is, of course, delegation!

#8 Stay In The Loop

If you want your business to remain healthy then planning ahead is vital! Business planning lets you take stock of what did and didn’t work, and allows you to change course or adjust older goals. So why do it at the end of your fiscal year? Or at the end of each month? Set up weekly catch ups with the relevant parties to review and readjust. Go one better, take an hour out of each morning to plan that day’s objectives. Not only will this magnify potential issues, but you’ll feel more focused.

#9 Be A Cheerleader

All too often the task of promoting your small business creeps deeper and deeper down the to-do list. If new customers is a 2019 goal, then promotion needs to be at the front of each decision you make. Does this mean hiring a marketer full time? Outsourcing your social and paid digital management? Create your own marketing plan with a realistic budget!

#10 Delegation Sensation

You wear so many hats as a small business owner, it’s easy to convince yourself you need to wear them all. Then you wonder why the end of each day involves wondering how you’ve missed out on so much. Let someone else do the work for a change. Doesn’t need to be full time, could mean a student on the weekends, just share the load. Delegation is the key to a healthy work-life balance.

Here’s To A New Year!