STP Advice for Christmas and New Year shutdown

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Managing the Christmas and New Year shutdown

ATO systems will progressively become unavailable during the Christmas and New Year shutdown period as they complete a major system upgrade from 12:00pm AEDT on Tuesday 24 December 2019. STP and electronic payments will not be visible until ATO systems are available in the New Year at 8.00am AEDT on Thursday 2 January 2020.

Aurion STP Gateway recommendations

  • During the shutdown you can continue to send your STP Payloads and check for ATO responses – ‘send and poll’ – i.e. on the EV614_STP_PAYLD parameter, leave the ‘Receive Outcomes’ setting selected. Aurion will check for outcomes from the ATO but will receive a warning message back that no messages are available. This is not expected to generate email traffic.
  • When the ATO resumes its service on Thursday 2 January, the next time the EV614_STP_PAYLD task is run it will be queued to receive outcomes from the ATO as normal.

If you’re not using the Aurion STP Gateway then continue to process as usual in Aurion, or you may wish to liaise with your third-party Gateway providers for advice on how they are handling the shutdown period.

Aurion support hours

Aurion support staff will not be available during the shutdown period public holidays. Due to the limited availability of our staff, we recommended you only contact Aurion support during shutdown if the issue is pay-impacting and appreciate the need for patience with any delays caused by our reduced capacity.

What’s new in Aurion

A new costing table is now available in Self Service timesheet summaries, and a new Aurion API Server has been added to Self Service that provides user-friendly interactive API reference documentation for every Aurion API from your browser. READ RELEASE NOTES