Six ways to fraud-proof your payroll team

Major payroll blunders are often tied to busy admin staff becoming a single point of failure.

Unfortunately, a significant amount of payroll fraud can be enabled by poor quality or badly implemented processes and tools. The good news is that you can avoid most of the common payroll fraud opportunities with some review and tightening of your payroll management.

Six ways to fraud-proof your payroll team

    • Train all payroll staff to identify and monitor specific anomalies indicating fraud.
    • Provide frequent training and education on maintaining privacy legislation compliance.
    • Update your team regularly about emerging or common scams and its prevention.
    • Ensure segregation of those who process pay runs from the bank approvers.
    • Maintain best-practice assurance processes where manual touch points are required.
    • Develop a delegation matrix listing who can send payroll requests.
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    Don’t forget to watch the video presentation from Jacqui Birch, Aurion BPOS payroll expert, on how system administrators can help prevent payroll fraud.

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