Aurion Simplifies Recruitment And Staff Payments

Our September software release has new functions to help our customers to manage recruitment and staff payments with minimal manual processing.

Aurion update 11.73 (log in for access) includes new options and automation for recruitment tasks like handling job applications, as well as important new functions that minimise risk and effort in making child support or other court-ordered payments.

New automation for staff payments Payroll administrators now have the option to automatically adjust the amount of child support or other court-ordered payments deducted from an employee’s wages, based on their ‘protected earnings’ amount (that portion of their income that can’t be deducted for compulsory payments). Administrators can choose whether the automatic adjustments are processed during the Trial Pay or Pay Run stage and no manual intervention is needed.

The overnight processing feature included in the Aurion 11.71 update that ensures new starters are taxed at the ‘no tax file number’ rate until their TFN is provided (taking into account the 28-day grace period), has now been enhanced. Aurion now automatically populates a new starter’s TFN Due Date directly from the Schedule of Hires & Changes calculated to their 28th day of employment, if their Tax File Number is invalid or not yet provided.

These features automate the entire business function of managing a new starter’s PAYG tax rate from onboarding until the employee’s TFN is entered.

There’s also a new process to allow advance payments to staff to be set for any specific future date, in any pay period.

Improved self-service experience The email received by users when they select ‘forgot password’ in self-service can now be customised with HTML (or left as the generic default setting) to display specific text, logos and images, for each pay entity being administered. In addition, the user is shown (approximately) how many minutes it will take for the email to arrive. These new functions reduce the likelihood users will mistake the email for a phishing attempt.

For instructions on how to customise the ‘forgot password’ function, Aurion users can access the 11.73 release notes.

Another new feature allows an employee to change a claim submitted in self-service using a ‘recall’ button that pulls the claim back to draft mode for editing.

Simplified job application management Expanding Aurion’s range of Web Candidate functions, users can now modify and resubmit a withdrawn application, simply by using a ‘Reapply’ button.

Once an advertised vacancy’s closing date has passed, all applications that haven’t been submitted will have their status changed from ‘draft’ to ‘past closing’ and the applicant will receive an error message stating ‘This vacancy is no longer advertised. If you would still like to be considered, please contact the Recruitment Administrator’.

However, the administrator can continue to flag a vacancy as ‘Late application is OK’; or extend the closing date, which resets unsubmitted applications to ‘draft’ status.

Administrators can also now use an ‘Order of Merit’ checkbox field to flag unsuccessful but suitable applications for future reference in a sortable list; and automatically transfer selected details of successful Web Candidates to their new employee record with a ‘Transfer HR Details’ button without any manual re-entry or duplication of records.

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