Safe Work Month 2020

What keeps us safe at work, keeps us safe at home

Each year the Chandler MacLeod Group (of which Aurion is a proud member) nominates a Safe Work Month, and this year it’s October and a COVID-19 theme: what keeps me safe at work, keeps me safe at home.

Brett Davis, General Safety Manager at CMG, acknowledged with his team members that for most of us, nothing we have experienced previously has had such a profound impact on our personal safety in our work or social lives as COVID-19.

“Making Safe Work Month about COVID-19 is really just one part of our pandemic response, and the way we can create a safe environment wherever we’re working, at home or the office,” he said.

Safe Work Week Poster - Week 1

Each week in Safe Work Month has its own focus, with an accompanying video and poster to help prompt a conversation among Aurion work teams, employee groups, and family and friends, to ensure we all understand what it takes to be COVID safe.

  • Week 1 – Cleaning and Disinfecting: COVID-19 can be spread by close contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze or touching a contaminated surface.
  • Week 2 – Social Distancing and Hand Hygiene: When in public places and the workplace; do your best to maintain social distancing. If touching surfaces, sanitise hands as soon as possible.
  • Week 3 – Switching Off from Work: Spend time with family and friends, take up a new hobby and give yourself permission to relax.
  • Week 4 – Switch On When Starting Work: all the workplace hazards that existed pre-COVID-19 are still there. When we enter a workplace, we need to switch on.

“There is a very strong culture of safety and well-being at CMG,” Brett said, “and that’s supported from the executive level down. This attitude is not just about doing the right thing, it’s a practical mindset to take care of our human resources.”

“At Chandler Macleod Group we believe that whether in the community or in our workplaces, we are all Safety Leaders.”

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