Aurion Prepares For STP 2

Our second software release for 2021 includes the first features for STP Phase 2, giving our customers plenty of time to prepare ahead of the 1 January 2022 reporting start date.

The release of Aurion version 11.77 (log in for access) features a limited number of software features for STP Phase 2, which the ATO is rolling out to reduce the reporting burden for employers who need to report to multiple government agencies and support the social security system.

Our 11.77 release is the first time we’ve shown the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes with the ATO to integrate their new STP reporting requirements into our software and systems.

Ensuring your STP Phase 2 compliance
For STP Phase 1, we received a lot of positive feedback about the quality, speed and simplicity of our STP transition software and resources from our customer community. For STP Phase 2, we’re aiming to making the process even easier.

Our team will continue to work with the ATO on the remaining features as the STP Phase 2 specification is finalised. We’ll then complete ATO compliance testing before our final STP Phase 2 software release, planned for version 11.78 (July 2021), from which point we recommend that our customers start implementing STP Phase 2 changes.

As we progress towards the release of version 11.78, Aurion will provide additional support materials, preparation guides and assistance options via the portal and regular email updates. We’re also working with the ATO on options for customers who need more time to prepare.

Aurion customers can find everything they need to know about STP Phase 2 at our STP Phase 2 customer portal. To find out more about the ATO’s intention for STP Phase 2 and the key changes, visit the ATO webpage Expanding Single Touch Payroll (Phase 2)

Security improvements
Aurion version 11.77 also includes a security improvement to ensure URLs open web pages using default browsers without the need for a script in between. This enhances Aurion’s security architecture and helps to prevent any malicious interventions.

Customers can now allocate security control to query folders, restricting access to queries to certain employees. This can be very useful in Shared Services type environments.

New automations
Timekeeper has been enhanced to pay Timekeeper meals with overtime worked before a normal shift. For example, a breakfast allowance can be automatically paid when a qualifying number of overtime hours are worked immediately preceding ordinary shift work.

Immunisations functionality has been improved to allow bulk updating of Immunisation records, to which additional information and documents can be added.

Reporting compliance
The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) have updated their template for reporting gender and equality information for the 2021 reporting period, and Aurion’s WGEA task now aligns with the Base Unit Level template to make reporting easy for those non-government customers with over 100 employees.

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