Payroll Relief In Your State Or Territory

Australian state and territory governments have announced a range of payroll relief measures to help businesses cope with COVID-19 disruption

Click on the link below for your jurisdiction to see the official payroll relief measures on offer from the local government, if your businesses can qualify, and how to apply.

The NSW Government has deferred payroll tax payments for all businesses for six months in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Businesses with annual Victorian taxable wages up to $3 million will have their payroll tax for the 2019-20 financial year waived.

Businesses in Queensland may be eligible for one or more of a range of payroll tax relief measures as a result of the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The South Australian Government announced that businesses and business groups with annual Australian (grouped) wages up to $4 million will receive a six month payroll tax waiver. Businesses and business groups with wages over $4 million can apply to defer their payroll tax.

In Western Australia the government has announced a range of payroll tax measures  to support businesses impacted by the coronavirus.

The Tasmanian Government has introduced a number of business stimulus measures in response to the impact of coronavirus.

As part of the Northern Territory Government’s Jobs Rescue and Recovery Plan, payroll tax relief  is available for eligible businesses that can demonstrate substantial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All ACT businesses with Australia-wide wages of up to $10 million can defer their 2020-21 payroll tax, interest free until 1 July 2022. As part of the ACT Government survival package they’re waiving payroll tax payments that are due to be paid for six months from April to September 2020.

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