Aurion Streamlines Staff Payments

Our August 2020 software release adds new detail to your position vacant displays, streamlines a range of staff payments and tracks timesheets stuck in the approval process.

The release of Aurion update 11.72 (log in for access) gives our customers the ability to add documents to job vacancy listings and includes new functions for making staff payments – particularly in New Zealand – and lets Payroll staff see at a glance who is holding up the approval of a timesheet.

Add new detail to job vacancies
Our customers can use the Aurion Web Candidate portal to advertise their job vacancies, or employ an endpoint to display the vacancy on their own website in their own company style. This 11.72 release allows the endpoint to present documentation for the candidates like vacancy statements, position descriptions or application forms, before they log into the Web Candidate portal. Please note, this endpoint needs to be set-up by your web developer: visit Aurion Help and search for the term ‘embed vacancies in Public Website’.

New fixes and features for paying advances
Aurion’s Employee Direct Advance process (EC585_DIRECT_ADV) includes two new bank options to make advance payments to employees: the New Zealand ASB FastNet and New Zealand HSBC file formats. Along with those improvements, Employee Direct Advance now allows advance payments to be processed even if an employee’s net pay is $0, and ensures only relevant advances are processed into the payroll.

Easier local banking in New Zealand
To allow our customers with New Zealand operations to send funds to any local bank account without any preconfiguring, we’ve enhanced six New Zealand banking interfaces with an additional parameter ‘send to any bank’. When this option is selected, the edit is skipped to check that the destination bank is included in the list of linked banks for the company interface.

Track the timesheet approval process
Payroll staff can now see at a glance who is holding up the approval of a submitted timesheet. When the Bulk Approve Timekeeper Forms report (ER067_TK_PROCESS) is run in ‘Report Only’ mode, the Message column of the report output now shows who the timesheet is sitting with for approval. It’s a big timesaver and means there’s less detail for Payroll to check and less searching for them to do.

Maintaining support for customer OS
To maintain Aurion support for a Queensland Government agency’s Oracle Solaris 11.4 operating system, the 11.72 release includes a Uniface upgrade to, which covers all the latest fixes, improvements and product compatibility updates. Customers who have an active, valid Uniface licence, which has worked with previous Uniface version (Core version 11.64+), should be able to use the same licence for this Uniface upgrade.

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