Manage Staff Vaccinations With Aurion

Our latest software release has expanded the ability of HR professionals and OH&S officers using Aurion to record, manage and define access to employee medical records, just as the question of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations is being raised in workplaces around Australia.

Immunisations are a hot topic; the COVID-19 vaccination is seen as a driver of economic recovery, and Aurion is supporting Australia’s coronavirus immunisation program by increasing the diversity of medical data that can be securely handled in Aurion.

Cameron Begley, Product Owner of the Aurion Talent suite said that the timing of the features is perfect for businesses looking to improve data recording and compliance in their workplace: “With many businesses now firmly focused on post-COVID recovery, features like these immunisation enhancements that our customers can start using straight away with minimal setup and no extra costs, simply makes life easier. Our customers can track key data like immunisation for their entire workforce, in one central place.”

Managers and administrators can now:

  • Build employee medical records covering disabilities, immunisations and test results.
  • Define user permissions and who can see what information.
  • Customise data fields without hardcoding or technical knowledge.
  • Create, update or delete medical records in bulk, for example, when your vaccination program is managed by a third party.
  • Allow employees and managers to securely review and update their own immunisation information and see specific team data via Self Service.

Free to access, easy to use
One of Cameron’s favourite features? The flexibility of the solution to meet different state and territory recording requirements. “With the enhanced immunisations recording features, organisations and businesses can record the data they need with ease. If there are regulations or business-specific requirements that customers need to adhere to, they can add new fields with ease and then update them all in bulk or via Self Service.”

The enhanced medical records feature is available free for all Aurion customers with Aurion version 11.77, no implementation project is required. This timely release is perfect for organisations who want to keep a record of immunisations coordinated by the workplace or track employees that organise their own immunisations with their preferred health provider.

Aurion customers can watch a free, on-demand webinar hosted by Cameron showcasing the new immunisation features here (logged in users only).

If you’re not an Aurion customer and you’d like more information about how Aurion people and payroll features, including immunisation, could benefit your business, contact us for a discussion today.