Leadership Success Factors with Chandler Macleod People Insights

What are the qualities of a successful contemporary leader? Our sister company, Chandler Macleod People Insights (CMPI), experts in Organisational Psychology, unpack results of their four-year survey on leadership with over 3,400 employees in their recently released Leadership Success Factors report.

Snapshot from CMPI Leadership report

The report offers detailed insights for both experienced and emerging leaders explores to understand what drives leadership performance. Jamie Greer, General Manager of CMPI and a Registered Psychologist, spoke about what the team explored: “Leaders will often possess strong underlying drivers related to initiative, self-management and a tendency to work to self-imposed high standards.  These behavioural characteristics will often facilitate their progression into more senior roles; however, it is these same characteristics that can also affect their willingness and ability to delegate to others.”

The report uncovers key behaviours associated with driving performance, tips to develop the ability to drive performance, leadership experience vs leadership capability, gender factors, trust and inspiration, and the overall effects on organisational performance.

From the report:

  • Past notions of leadership effectiveness linked to years of experience or even gender can now be permanently retired. Male, female and other leaders had no difference in their ability to display the behaviours in each of the core leadership qualities.
  • When we looked at leadership effectiveness, an individual’s tenure was not found to be important. This means that years of leadership experience, time in an organisation and time in a role does not impact upon the effectiveness of a leader.

Download the report here.

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