Fraud-Proof Payroll – for System Administrators

Jacqui Birch, Aurion BPOS payroll expert, discusses how you can avoid most of the common payroll fraud opportunities with some review and tightening of your payroll management.

Jacqui Birch is one of Aurion’s experienced Business Process Outsourcing (BPOS) payroll experts and a key contributor to our Guide to Fraud-Proof Payroll.

In this series of video presentations, Jacqui helps you to understand and identify the criminal payroll threats and solutions you need to manage.

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Download the Aurion Guide to Fraud-Proof Payroll

Is your payroll secure – or are you losing money or business-critical data without even knowing it? The Aurion Guide to Fraud-Proof Payroll will help you identify various types of payroll fraud and provide strategies to prevent payroll fraud from impacting your business. 

We help you to:

  • Identify common types of payroll fraud
  • Learn simple payroll fraud prevention techniques

  • Build strategies to fraud-proof your payroll service

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