Aurion Future-Proofs With Development Platform Upgrade

Our latest software release includes a suite of user-experience improvements and an update to our Uniface architecture software plus simplified useability for easier management of Deductions and STP reporting.

For the release of Aurion version 11.76 (log in for access) we undertook a major project to upgrade our diverse customer base to the latest version (10) of the Uniface software development platform we use for Aurion, which allows us to keep pace with their latest product support.

To easily manage the STP-reporting scenario where an individual’s employment ceased in one financial year but their final payment was made in another – such the finalisation of monies from a deceased employee’s estate – Aurion now allows employees to be set to ‘Finalised’ for STP reporting.

Self Service users have a new User Settings option that reduces on-screen clutter by hiding old and inactive deductions from their list. This new option is not enabled by default, so Self Service users will need to manually enable this setting.

Customer support for Uniface upgrade: Aurion customers can log-in to visit the Uniface 10 Upgrade webpage for more information about how to install the Uniface 10 upgrade for cloud and on-premise deployments.

Learn more about Aurion’s software development: take a look at our webinar Aurion Recruitment Just Got Better or our November 2020 release – Automation And Useability Feature In End-Of-Year Update.