Convincing Your CEO You Need HR & Payroll Software

Here at Aurion, we spend a lot of time on the phone and on the road talking about the importance of Payroll and HR Software in today’s business climate.

After all, most businesses would definitely benefit from a seamless connection between their employee attendance, payroll, time and HR management software. In most cases though, the total cost of it all can be too much for many businesses, so it becomes the task of an HR manager or CFO to pick and choose the features that would best benefit you.

That being said, there’s often a difference in opinion between who will benefit the most from payroll management software and who makes the final decision.

Over the last three decades, we’ve met many prospective clients who really want to make the switch to Aurion, but their leaders for one reason or another are hesitant to make the switch. This usually has a lot to do with the perceived complexity of an HR management system and how difficult a transition would be. It’s easy for many to see how the software will improve your daily processes and save you time, but convincing those ‘higher-ups’ that are only concerned about the financial implications of it all can prove a whole different matter.

Today we’re going to break down the best way of approaching the decision makers at your business and talking about a new payroll & HR solution.

It’s All About the 1’s and 0’s

Any shift in daily processes can prove stressful for a business. Because of that, those in charge of decision making shy away from any change that isn’t totally necessary. ‘Time is money’ is a mantra we can all understand. This is a great starting off point when approaching this discussion.

Show your manager/CEO just how much time you’ll save with the new processes. They’ll fully understand how that means more money for your business to be used elsewhere. Furthermore, there can be serious ramifications with errors made in compliance regulations. If you’re entering all of your data manually there’s ample opportunity for human error. Time saved by having all of this work done in the cloud will be more than worth the cost of an HR software solution. In addition, you’re able to contact and converse with Aurion’s dedicated compliance and tax experts.

Leave It To The Experts

You don’t need to be an expert in payroll and HR to know when it comes to these types of processes things need to efficient and accurate. If the way you’re managing salaries and contracts is outdated then your business isn’t running on all cylinders. It will end up costing you one way or another in the end.

This isn’t us fearmongering either! Payroll and HR are vital cogs in any business machine. So, it makes sense to have a team of experts on hand to ensure you’re covered. The Australian regulatory system has constantly shifting and evolving rules and regulations. Investing in the Aurion cloud will not just streamline all of your HR and payroll processes. We’ll also keep you up to date on any government regulations that man affect your business. After all, HR and payroll are just a part of your business – but it’s 100% of ours.

Your current payroll management system (whether that be manual or a smaller operator) will begin to feel rapidly outdated as your business grows. You need a silent partner that takes care of your most important asset – your people.

And that’s where Aurion comes in. We’ve been keeping payroll simple for hundreds of Australian businesses for almost thirty years now. Has your business has reached the stage where you feel you need a hand? We’re holding one out as we speak.

Need more tools to convince your boss to make the switch? Let us walk them through a personalised demo of the Aurion software where they can ask questions and see first hand why Aurion is right for you!