Compliance Update – December 2019

The latest people and payroll compliance updates

The Queensland Government has recently announced some legislative changes that may impact your organisation. Here’s a short summary of recent changes and suggest ways your business can get up to speed with these changes.

Queensland part-day public holiday

Aurion is aware of new legislation passed by the Queensland Government regarding the Christmas Eve part-day Public Holiday which applies from 6pm to 12am midnight.  Aurion provides functionality for full-day Public Holidays. Customers may wish to consider the following options for payroll teams to handle the new requirement.
  • If you use a 3rd party rostering solution where the interpreted payroll transactions are imported into Aurion, please test any proposed/new solution sent to Aurion to ensure you achieve your desired payroll outcomes;
  • If you use Aurion’s Timekeeper module, you may wish to consider using ‘Special Day’ interpretation for the 6 hours from 6pm to 12am midnight on 24/12/2019;
  • If you use Aurion’s Claims module, you may wish to configure new specific Other type Time Codes to pay and report on the additional time claimed;
  • If you process the Public Holiday time manually, please note adding Public Holiday time into the Pay Records will result in ‘Auto’ pays becoming ‘Manual’.
In all cases, Aurion recommends you establish some exception reporting to capture any occurrences to ensure employees are paid accurately. Please contact your Client Advocate in the first instance should you require assistance with exploring configuration and solution options in Aurion. More information:,an%20important%20one%20for%20families

Updates to QSuper interface

Aurion Corporation received updated requirements from QSuper. In summary it includes the following updates:
  • Clarification on how to report part-time “static” superannuable salary changes within a pay period;
  • Confirmation that only one “static” superannuable salary is required, i.e. either an annual figure or a pay period amount, not both;
  • Clarification that the ordinary time earnings (OTE) figure requested is the earnings amount for the period, not an OTE top-up figure; and
Minor adjustments to field lengths and data formats. More information: