For over 30 years our technology and expertise has developed the complexity and maturity to fulfil any organisation’s payroll needs

Aurion is built to handle the complexity of managing aged care workforces, with full-time, part-time and casual employees, across a range of awards and a 24/7 all-week roster. Aurion is an industry leader in Payroll & HR process automation with automated workflow for new hire/ rehire, change and cessation processes.

Aurion for aged care organisations:

  • Built for 24/7, 7-day week workforces
  • Interprets complex aged care industry awards in every jurisdiction
  • Full leave interpretation and automation including weekend accrual
  • Manages employees with multiple jobs, rates of pay and working locations

Powerful payroll

Automate every aspect of payroll calculation and review

  • Date effective
  • Manage pay rate increments
  • Minimum hours worked rules
  • SG earnings rules
  • STP compliant
  • Pay records & Payslips history

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Reporting and Insights

Self Service

Employee Self Service (ESS) is a standard inclusion for all Aurion solutions

  • Intuitive Aurion app and branded online portal
  • 24/7 staff access to pay, employment and personal information (inc. health & safety)
  • Manage all staff licences, registrations and certifications for compliance
  • Track and action expense claims, timesheets and leave applications
  • Real-time reports, dashboards and analytics

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Set-up & support

Choose the Aurion solution to suit you:

  • Self-managed or outsourced to Aurion
  • Cloud SaaS or in-house

Support where you need it:

  • 24/7 comprehensive online Help with Tutorials and How To guides
  • Dedicated onshore support staff
  • Client Advocate

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