Automation And Useability Feature In End-Of-Year Update

Our software update for November 2020 features new automation and useability improvements, and includes details of our end-of-year educational events for Aurion customers.

Aurion update 11.75 (log in for access) includes a time-saving useability upgrade for the Timekeeper and new automation for APSED reporting, and also ensures you have the right file format to report on employees in New Zealand, ahead of their EOFY on Thursday 1 April, 2021.

The Aurion development team have also been concentrating on an important upgrade to the Uniface 10 software development platform, planned for late January in 2021. Our customers have already received notification of the change, so if you have any queries, please reach out to your Aurion client advocate.

Register for end-of-year Aurion events:

  • National User Group event at 3.00PM AEDT on Thursday 3 December: we’re inviting anyone who is a primary Aurion user in their organisation to a live, virtual event hosted by key members of the Aurion team, to learn about the impact of the Aurion roadmap, our developing customer community and the Australian Payroll & HR landscape. Register now to join us.
    UPDATE: Log in to watch the event webinar Aurion National Community Event
  • Recruitment webinar at 10.30AM AEST on Tuesday 24 November: our customers who use Aurion for recruitment functions will gain a new understanding of how improvements made over the past six months can improve and streamline their work – register for the webinar today.
    UPDATE: Log in to watch the webinar Aurion Recruitment Just Got Better

Automated reporting for government workers
A new option for the Australian Public Service Employment Database (APSED) extract batch process, ‘Extract Changes for Last Month’, saves users’ time by scheduling and fully automating the extract process to report on ‘last month’.

Aurion's new APSED reporting function

Better Timekeeper useability
Aurion Self Service approvers using the Timekeeper Team Approvals function have two new buttons to make their life work better. On desktops and tablets, a new ‘Full Screen’ button displays the timesheet lines in an expanded view and removes the need to use the horizontal scroll bar.

Aurion Timekeeper new Export and Full Screen functions

The information is presented in an easy-to-review format, with features for selecting individual or groups of rows for approval. The new ‘Export’ button allows approvers to export the data into other formats, such as Excel or PDF, with just a few clicks.

Get ready for EOFY in New Zealand
We have maintained our compliance with NZ Inland Revenue Department (IRD) legislation by providing the 2020/21 NZ Payday file format for the NZ Employer Schedule Report and the 2020/21 NZ New and Departing Employees file format. Customers should review their configuration and make the appropriate changes before the first pay in April 2021.

Learn more about Aurion’s ongoing development: take a look at our October release – New Capabilities And UX For Aurion Recruitment or read about how Aurion achieved real-time payroll accuracy at scale for the NSW Electoral Commission.