Aurion Onboarding – Simpler New Starter Management

Aurion is pleased to announce a host of great new features added to the Aurion Onboarding product. These new features add contract and policy acceptance, as well as multiple authentication and acceptance methods including SMS and user experience improvements.

Contract and Policy Acceptance

Onboarding users will now have the ability to upload employment contracts and other starting documents as into the Onboarding portal for a new starter to review, save, and accept electronically.

To accept contracts, new starters will also be verified using multi-factor authentication via SMS to verify identity, ensuring compliance and security.

Bank, Tax and Superannuation Entry

Aurion Onboarding includes improvements to the collection and recording of bank, tax and superannuation details. A new starter now completes their tax and superannuation information directly in the Onboarding portal for simplified entry and auto-population of the data in the Aurion Schedule of Hires. Superannuation entry options have also been enhanced to allow for selection of a variety of superannuation attributes and types including SMSF, defined benefits, default fund and fund of choice.

User Experience Updates

Aurion Onboarding has been updated for enhanced user experience from any device. Aurion Onboarding provides simplified data entry, including auto-validation of key information, improved user feedback as data is entered and an updated look-and-feel.

New features will be available for all existing Aurion Onboarding users from Aurion version 11.57 (released 18 June 2019) – release notes are available here. If you do not currently use the Onboarding product, please contact your Client Advocate for more information.