Andrew Michael – Balancing Books, Pulls and Hooks

Cricket and accounting are two subjects that don’t immediately get the blood pumping, but for our commercial GM Andrew, they’re his two great passions.

Andrew leaves this week for Fiji, where he’ll be representing Western Samoa in the ICC Pacific T20.

We sat down with Andrew and got to know the man behind the…helmet…

Q: So, break it down what exactly it is you’ll be doing?

A: Playing for Western Samoa in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Pacific T20, being held in Fiji. The competing teams are  Fiji, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

Q: How long have you been playing cricket?

A:  Not that long – 20 years!

Q: Do you have a preferred playing position, or are you comfortable anywhere on the pitch?

A:  Preferably I field in slips, I tend to talk a lot at the batsman, sometimes useful sometimes not,  so it’s best that I’m positioned close to the batsman, so they can hear my witty comments.

Q: What are your best memories playing cricket?

A:  Hitting the winning runs are the best memories for me. Second to that is hitting big sixes – you don’t forget those in a hurry!

Q: How important is it to balance an active life with your working life?

A: I’m mindful of this balance at all times, adjusting each of them constantly to do my best at both. Basically,  if I’m sleeping like a baby, all is good.  

Q: Who are your cricketing heroes?

A:  Brian Lara and A.B De Villiers.

Q: Can you draw any similarities between playing cricket and being a CA?

A: Tough question dude, both have an underlying team component, but both require many considerations and adjustments on a constant basis. In cricket, the conditions,  opponents and personal factors are an ever moving target and as a CA in my current role, the challenges from our business require considerations from many stakeholders as well as my personal views and changing operational expectations.

Q: Best advice for a young bowler?

A: Stop bowling, it’s bad for your back

Q: Best advice for a young batsman?

A: Have your own style and commit to it. Everyone will teach you their version of what works, but ultimately you’re the one who is accountable for how successful you are. So if it works, just keep doing it.

Q: And finally, your advice for young accountants?

A:Live the CAT model. Completeness, Accuracy and Timeliness. Just be yourself, because you won’t have to expend energy being something you’re not.

Best of luck to Andrew and Western Samoa!