Aurion Expands Aged Care And Recruitment Features

New Aurion functions were released in May 2020 to make work life better – from weekend leave for Aged and Community Care to automated documentation for Schedule of Hires, and new APIs to simplify standard recruitment tasks

Last week’s release of Aurion update 11.68 (log in for access) contains great examples of the way we listen to our customers’ requests and suggestions, and act on it when the time is right.

More Aged and Community Care leave automation Aurion Leave functionality can now be configured to grant additional accrual hours based on weekend work. For example, to grant an additional one week of annual leave to an employee deemed a shiftworker when they have worked more than four ordinary hours on 10 or more weekends.

It’s a new level of automation for leave accrual and processing for shift workers, in a format they can see and their employers can report on.

The weekend leave feature was designed for our many customers in the aged care industry – such as Suncare and BlueCare – but is finding just as much use in our wider customer base, for any employees who might work outside of the weekday 9-to-5.

Complementing the weekend leave accrual, workflow can now be based on rules for specific categories of employees (e.g. flexible hours vs. set hours) and timesheet scenarios, breaking down the cost of different types of work. These activity-based costing codes can now be created and added in bulk through APIs for reporting.

Simplified Recruitment and Onboarding Aurion users can now create and modify recruitment actions in bulk or via business process automation (BPA). To validate new staff, administrators can access quick-reset search fields to find and compare unique employee identifiers like TFNs, company IDs or a date range. This can be used to prevent the same person (maybe a previous hire returning to employment) gaining more than one profile.

Another particularly useful feature for employers with a large number and many kinds of employees, is a veritable library of output filters that can collect and package employee records of the same type, letting you output thousands of ETP Payment Summaries into a single CSV table for the tax office.

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About the Authors

Cameron Begley Product Owner – HR Cameron has over 15 years’ experience in recruitment and organisational development. Cameron drives the development of Aurion’s HR solutions.

Jason Mackie Product Owner – Payroll Jason has over 30 years’ payroll experience and drives the development of Aurion’s payroll solutions.